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PJ Masks Happy Birthday Foil Balloon – 43cm

PJ Masks Happy Birthday Foil Balloon – 43cm


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  • Add Helium To Your Balloons?


    Balloons inflated with Helium are Not Recommended for outdoor use and / or if exposed to Wind, warm temperature or direct sunlight.

    Before loading and transporting the balloons, always TURN ON the vehicle's air conditioner (Between 20-23 degrees) and once you'll arrive to your destination, put the balloons straightaway inside at room temperature (Between 20-23 degrees). Never leave the balloons in the vehicle's trunk and / or inside the vehicle without the air conditioner on.

    The Balloons must not be bumped in to anything or forced into small spaces, always handle the balloons with extreme care.

    Temperature is one of the biggest factors affecting how long your balloons will float. They are best kept at an even, comfortable room temperature. If the room is too hot, your balloon may burst. If the room is too cold, your balloon may start to droop.

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